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Focus HK Co., Ltd is set up in 1995, our workshop is in Zhong Shan, China where we have our sampling facility and compact sewing modules for fast turn orders or stylings require subtle fitting, fancy treatment and washing finishes.  We do also offer Vietnam production alternative should customer is seeking for mass program buy.

Woven fabrics are our expertise and our pattern makers as well as workers both in China and Vietnam are well versed in making garments for all genders. We run a strong fabric and accessory sourcing team in Hong Kong where all materials of production is procured, Inspected and tested before they are sent to production level.

Focus China workshop has recently acquired the membership of The European Confederation of Linen and Hemp (CLEC) as accredited supplier of European Linen & Flax garments.   While in 2019, our factory in Vietnam’s anti-terrorist compliance procedure has been evaluated and authenticated by the US Customs Border officials on site to meet the CT-PAT standards.   These are examples of our commitment to stay compliant to international social compliance standards and Supplier Chain Security on top of our punctual delivery  and quality awareness assurance to our clients worldwide.

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